Biography of Patricia

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Patricia Green is a 36 year old from Tampa, Florida in the United States. She is in a committed relationship with Ryan Bowen, and the two have been together for five years. Patricia works as a curator at one of the Tampa museums, and in her spare time, she enjoys expanding her knowledge of history, particularly history of the United States. She has traveled the country in order to visit museums, see historic sites, and hear stories of veterans and survivors of some of the most crucial events in US history. She also enjoys learning fun facts about senators, girl_readspresidents, and other important people in the history of her nation. In the coming years, she hopes to expand her travels to encompass the globe. She would like to visit places where events have occurred that have shaped the world, instead of focusing on those that have just shaped her country. As she travels, she hopes to meet other like-minded people who would like to learn about history in order to get to know their cultures and important historical events for their countries.