How to Get the President to Send You an Anniversary Card

It is excitinanniversary_whg to get an anniversary card or greetings from the White House. This is especially possible if you are a couple who is celebrating 50 years and above of marriage. It also applies to newlyweds, and these two can receive an anniversary greeting or congratulatory card from the White House.

The White House normally sends the card to you or directly to your spouse to make it even more remarkable. Nonetheless, the White House sets a limit on the number of request it processes per day, and only offers the same to U.S. citizens.

This therefore means that you have to send the request way in advance. It is best that you send it several months early or at least six weeks before the anniversary in order to have some assurance on the request being processed. The White House however gives greeting when they are not able to honour the timelines for the cards.

You can submit your request for a card as follows:


White House Weddings


A wedding is a ceremony where two people are united in marriage. Weddings are all about the couple, the bride gown, fashion, music and dances, food and drinks. They are among the most beautiful events that take place. Weddings take different forms; religious weddings, cultural weddings, political weddings etc.

Weddings take different venues too, gardens, churches, homes and many other places. This type of wedding takes place in the white house. White house is the residence of the president of the United States. It is located in the Washington D.C. Many weddings that has been held here are political weddings.

Political wedding is mostly planned during an election season. Political hubbub is used as an inspiration for one’s big day. The couple can use ballot box for guest to leave advice for the bride and groom. Invitation cards that resemble political placards are created or adverts with buttons and t-shirts .during the wedding attires that resemble the political colors can be won. This would attract many people thus giving the politician an opportunity to highlight their political view or rather campaign.

These weddings are memorable weddings, nobody would forget such a wedding. To start with it is in a unique venue, white house, the decors are of class, the music, food and drinks in such a wedding are of class. People who are invited to white house weddings are the strong political leaders and the influential people.